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I looked at Psycho Sisters, a Tromaesque descent into the world of severed limbs and sick mass-murder jokes. The Robbins report: kind of "I Spit on Your Grave" meets "Ghostbusters". (Reference to Tim Robbins' system to make capsule summaries of movies in "The Player")

Theresa Lynn

JJ North (1, 2, 3, 4)

.... and Dann actually did these captures from Hollow Man. (he got the DVD before the street date. I'll do 'em when I get it.). The comments are the ones I wrote last summer when I saw the film in an actual theater.




Once again earning the gold for being the "Busiest Holiday Contributor"...that's why I named it the Brainscan Award.

Comments by Brainscan:
First off, we have "Pretty Smart", a reasonably entertaining piece of fluff with a cast composed principally of first-timers. Most notably for us in the celeb nekkidness business, is Julie K Smith... before the implants and a couple of year before she became Pet of the Month. Julie plays a conniving, vicious rich bitch and does it with aplomb.

The caps are from four scenes:
1) when she is caught dancing nekkid by the movie's protagonist. Distant caps but some full frontal work going on;
2) while painting her toenails in front of her roommate;
3) while getting oral pleasure from her boyfriend;
4 & 5) while sunning herself on the rooftop of her dorm with a bunch of other girls (1, 2) (more of that scene to come). Part of this last scene is doubly amusing, as the main good girl of the movie, played by Tricia Leigh Fisher, tells Julie's character to be careful because silicone melts in the sun. Out of the mouth of babes. just a little early in the history of things since it would be another year or two before Julie had that silicone inserted. And you know, I like the way she looked pre-augmentation... a lot.

To continue with the rooftop scene, we have you Kim Waltrip. She is the most senior of the female cast, as she plays the good teacher, who demands nothing more for her prep school girls that they read three books a semester. Crimony, sister, shouldn't that be more like three books a week? Anyway, Ms. Waltrip had a reasonably lengthy career in Hollywood but, according to Craig Hosada in the Bare Facts, she got nekkid on screen once... and here it is.

Next up is one-time wonder, Lisa Lorient. I could tell you about her character and all the stuff you would learn if you watched the friggin' movie, but it seems the more important point is that this is Lisa's only screen appearance. Ever. And I think I know why. The scene where she strips down to her Victoria's Secret apparel is darn interesting but when the bra comes off, the movie cuts to what is obviously a body double. The double's breasts are about half the size of Lisa's (in fact they look mighty like Julie K. Smith's at this point in her career. So either they got a double built like Julie or they just got Julie to do the bare tits work). Anyway, Lisa is pretty and has a right nice body and she not the worst actress of the group, but I figure if'n she wasn't willing to show the goodies, Hollywood just wasn't interested in her.

Tricia Leigh Fisher is the lead in this movie, playing a rebellious girl and sister to Lisa Lorient's character. Tricia is the real-life daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens. Her acting career included a few more movies but it was longer than her singing career of exactly one album. No nekkidness from Tricia although this boy would not have minded that all. Before passing by, take a look in the lower, left cap of the collage. See in the upper part of the cap, the boobs of one babe bursting out of her swimsuit? That, gentlemen, is Joely Fisher. More caps of her in a less revealing pose are shown in the next cap; the girl with whom she is frollicking is Patricia Arquette, in her first movie. And you wanna know something? Her acting in this movie bit the big one, big time. I would have predicted from this movie that Rosanna's little sister would appear nevermore. But nooooo.

Finally we have the last of rooftop caps, which in this movie, took the place of a shower scene. I went back over the movie for two reasons:
1) wanted to figure out if the babe in the forefront, on the left side, had been named elsewhere but it appears she was an extra brought in to show the goodies; 2) I was convinced that the babe on the extreme right was Joely Fisher.

All the other members of her posse are in the scene and this woman, out of focus as she is, looked vaguely like Joely... but I decided I was seeing things and just moved along. What you can see in the bottom two caps is Kim Waltrip removing her dress prior to the caps posted above.

So there you go guys. I did not include caps of two other babes, Kim Delfin and Paris Vaughn, because they showed nothing, nada, nicht, nihel. This would be Kim's only movie (according to IMDB) but Paris would go on to do other movies and a little TV. And so what we have is light-hearted fare accented by the presence of several attractive women, some of whom would go on to bigger things (yes, that was meant to be a pun) and others who you will never see again, unless you are a friend or family-member. Just goes to show you never can tell.

Next up, we have a movie called "Scoring". You know how HDTV stands for High Definition TeleVision? Well, this movie is DTVD... Direct To Video Drek. Supposed to be a murder thriller, with a movie in a movie, for which the lead actor is composing the score, while he boffs anyone with female genitalia (thus, the double entendre of Scoring). There is nothing clever or suspenseful or entertaining in this movie... except for six nekkid women. They include three perennial B-movie bims (Monique Parent, Tammy Parks and Michele Brin), two former bunnymagmates (Shae Marks and Wendy Hamilton) and a newcomer (Dixie Jayne Beck). Okay, let's take them in alphabetical order, by first name.

Dixie Jayne Beck plays a prostitute, thief and singer. Don't ask. Dixie, herself, has the kind of unusual good looks you see in Julia Roberts' face. She also appears to have had Julia Roberts' figure because Dixie went out and got herself a pair of brand new hooters. When the movie softens Dixie's appearance, she looks rather attractive, as in the first collage; but when the idiot in charge of the movie decided to slick back her hair, Ms. Beck looks like no one has fed her for a month. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Michele Brin plays the lead actress of the movie within this movie. I remember when Michele and her boobs looked young and perky and attractive. None of that is the case anymore. (1, 2)

Monique Parent is the kinkiest person in the movie (that is her kissing Dixie's breasts in the previous caps and Shae Marks' in the next caps); here she is playing around with Shae Marks.

Shae and Monique have a long lesbian scene, which serves to show off Shae's natural body quite well. And here is where I go off on a rant. The best reason to hate this movie? It was most likely the reason Shae had her perfectly wonderful boobs replaced with Corning Ware. She must have looked around at the sea of robohooters in this drek and figured SHE was the odd one. For no other reason than that, Scoring belongs in the bottom ten list, right next to Manos The Hands of Fate.

Tammy Parks is masseuse who boffs a masseur. Here they are going at it. (1, 2)

And we end with Wendy Hamilton, the reason I capped this thing in the first place. Wendy is tall and, to these eyes, gorgeous. Though surgically enhanced, her body was not disfigured by the process. In the movie she plays a formidable woman of some intelligence and a delightful edge. So when the composer dude is boffing her what does he fantasize about? Dixie Jayne Beck's character, the hooker/thief/singer with boobs so protruding they look painful. I just don't understand what the writer and director were thinking, that when we in the audience bed down with our life's chosen mate we think of some crack whore we say standing on the street corner of downtown Losersville? Would it have been so difficult to make the object of this guy's fantasies more attractive than the woman at hand? (1, 2, 3)

So there we go, a definite thumbs down on Scoring. Don't bother, not even for the babes.

Kristen McMenamy Topless on the runway in 'caps from German TV.

Uschi Obermaier Topless 'caps from "Laufsteg ins Glück".

Beverly D'Angelo Topless in the 1979 movie version of "Hair".

Adrienne Barbeau A classic scene in the history of celebrity nudity...vidcaps from "Swamp Thing".

Bianca Rocilili B-movie bim playing with her plastic cones in scenes from 1995's "Where Evil Lies".

Melissa Park Also in scenes from "Where Evil Lies", but this time the breasts are real.

Julie Strain B-movie legend in rare non-nude vidcaps from the Sidaris movie "Enemy Gold". Not to worry, in true Sidaris form she is busting out of her bikini, and packing heat.

Tai Collins Also from "Enemy Gold"....this time, here are the fake boobs and mega tan we've all come to expect from anything with the Sidaris name on the cover.
and ...
Dana Patrick
(1, 2)
Claudia Schiffer

Three more from Scavullo's "Nudes", by Blackshine. Today's installment...arms over boobs.

Amalia Stifter
(1, 2, 3)

Topless vidcaps from a movie that you probably have never heard of, unless you're into the Film Festival circuit. Thanks to Penman for the excellent quality collages.

Esther Arroyo
(1, 2)

Excellent topless paparazzi pics of Miss Spain.

Penélope Cruz The lovely Spanish actress in a brief topless scene from 1998's "La Niña de tus ojos"...aka "The Girl of Your Dreams".

Claire Keim Almost full frontal 'caps in several frames, plus a peak down below in one frame. Vidcaps from the French TV series, "Le Juge est une femme"